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people, quicker

HubDialer is the most reliable virtual dialer on the market, allowing volunteers from all over the country to persuade supporters, get out the vote, contact members, fundraise, and more. HubDialer is cost-effective, scalable, and free for volunteers to log in and make calls from their computers or cell phones.


Automate the dials;
personalize the

HubDialer automatically dials through your list, connecting live
answers to your volunteers and letting them focus on coalition

Get your supporters ready with the power of strong coalition building right where you are.


What can HubDialer do for you?

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  • Persuade and identify supporters - Hone your universe to identify volunteers, build walk lists, and mobilize supporters.

  • GOTV; with dynamic scripting, customize each script to encourage key voters to vote and equip them with all the information they need on polling locations and times.

Volunteer &

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  • Recruit volunteers, activists, and supporters you can activate now or at any time in the future.

  • Crowd Building

  • Drive attendance at rallies and events while getting a hard count of RSVPs.


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  • Member Outreach, Notification & Mobilization - Notify your members, activists, and prospective supporters about important developments. Mobilize them in support of your cause.

  • Fundraising - Reduce the cost of fundraising and grow donor relationships by getting them connected with someone else who cares.

  • Patch-throughs - Arm citizens and activists with key talking points and then connect them directly to the offices of targeted legislators, corporate decision-makers, and other officials.


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  • “Using a website called I literally called hundreds of people tonight…It's a really nifty program that sifts through a bunch (I'm not sure how many) of phone numbers at once and sorts out all the lines that are busy or aren't being answered, and then people like me are suddenly connected with a voter on the other end of the line. And that's when the magic happens”

    Mackenzie Scholte
    Life in Politics

  • “HubDialer gave us a powerful advantage. Our volunteers liked using HubDialer and our campaign thought it was an easy-to-manage tool for connecting with voters.”

    Jonathan Colmenares, Field Director
    McNerney for Congress

  • “HubDialer is by far the best predictive dialer software we have ever used…. and our consulting firm has used them all! It’s extremely easy to create accounts, sub accounts for clients and campaigns. The reporting feature lets you and your clients know exactly what is going on. Plus, you have the ability to listen to your callers to make sure they are staying on message.”

    David (DJ) Luciano
    Invictus Consultants, LLP

  • “Just wanted to say how great it was using HubDialer. The training videos on how to use was so easy to follow and made signing on and making calls a breeze. I am 66 years old , far from computer savvy, but HubDialer made the process feel easy. Thanks again”

    Helen C