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Prices for HubDialer’s
Predictive and Preview dialers

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$0.13 / minute

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First 10,000 minutes

$0.11 / minute

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10,001-50,000 minutes

$0.09 / minute

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50,001 - 250,000 minutes

$0.08 / minute

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250,001+ minutes

*A minute is a 60-second period, or any portion thereof, during which the call agent is connected to HubDialer Predictive, whether or not such agent is connected to a recipient of a call. The patch-through feature also uses agent minutes for the duration of the patched-through portion of the call.

**Prepaid minutes shall not be refundable. Minutes are non-transferrable and must be used within one year of the date of purchase.


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You may be wondering; why charge per minute and not per dial?

That’s because predictive dialers average 4-5 calls per minute, and those dials add up quickly. Most folks simply don’t answer numbers they don’t recognize and it takes a few tries before your volunteers actually connect with someone.

With HubDialer’s price per minute model it doesn’t matter if your volunteers talk to just 1 person, or 10 people, each minute; it’s all the same minute as far as we’re concerned.

This per minute pricing model has proven to be the simplest and most cost effective approach when it comes to real world applications. With predictive dialers averaging 4-5 calls per minute, per dial pricing can result in 1.6 - 2.2x the cost of HubDialer!


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You may also be wondering; how else is HubDialer’s pricing better than everyone else’s?

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  • HubDialer is free to sign up and has no monthly/annual subscription cost

  • Pay-as-you-go to ensure you have exactly what you need exactly when you need it (minutes are applied to your account immediately after purchase)

  • Purchase minutes à la carte on an as needed basis with no minimum purchase requirement

  • And when you’re finished, there’s nothing to cancel and there’s no final invoice to worry about - you’ve already bought the minutes you used so that’s it!

Take HubDialer for a test drive with 500 free minutes! Get your account up and running in minutes with no set up fee or credit card required.

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