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Who is Hubdialer for?

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Harness the power of the people!

For Campaign Managers

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  • No Infrastructure to Buy or Install

    HubDialer operates entirely from the cloud. That means you don’t need to invest up-front in software or equipment, and you don’t need technology experts to get up and running. Simply pay-as-you-go while you’re using HubDialer to make meaningful conversations happen.

  • Supervise Campaigns and Make Calls from Anywhere

    Run your campaigns wherever you and your callers are located – at home, on break at work, at school, a coffee shop, or all in the same room.

  • Centralized Web-Based Campaign Dashboard

    As a supervisor, you can create, launch, manage, monitor, and report on your campaigns entirely from HubDialer’s richly featured campaign dashboard.

  • Real-Time Results Monitoring

    From your web-based dashboard, observe call progress and response reporting as results are tallied by your volunteers. You can also keep track of the remaining dials in your campaign and drill down on detailed info about your volunteer callers.

  • Modify Scripts On-the-Fly

    As your campaign progresses, HubDialer’s monitoring, reporting, and your volunteer’s feedback will inform how you can improve your scripts. There’s no need to wait – HubDialer lets you update scripts on-the-fly and immediately push revisions to your volunteers via their web browser interface.

  • Benefit from the Latest Technology

    HubDialer technology is periodically updated with exciting new features that make your campaigns run more effectively and efficiently. Because HubDialer runs from the cloud, new features are made available to you automatically so your campaign can benefit from them right away.

  • Convenient Self-Service

    Set up your campaigns, work on list and scripts, and review your campaign reports whenever it’s most convenient. All you need is your web browser to access HubDialer from anywhere, anytime.

  • Live Call Monitoring

    Listen in on your volunteers’ calls while they’re happening so you can monitor performance, improve scripts, and coach your team to greater success.

  • Budget Management

    During campaigns, you can monitor how many calling minutes remain in your budget, and what your “burn rate” is over time – so you can get the most out of the funds and volunteer resources you’ve allocated.

  • Volunteer Re-Assignment

    Easily redirect your volunteer resources where they’re most needed. HubDialer lets you re-assign volunteers, on-the-fly, to another calling program.

  • Combine Web and Phone-Only Calling

    When organizing volunteers for your campaign, you don’t have to worry about who will have access to a computer and who only has a phone. HubDialer’s blended campaign capability lets volunteers who are online and volunteers who are phone-only both work on the same campaign, make calls, and log call dispositions. All your data is still rolled up into a single view just like every other HubDialer calling program.

For Volunteers

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  • Automated Dialing

    HubDialer does the dialing. Your volunteers engage in meaningful conversations. No busy signals, no bad numbers, no time spent dialing, waiting for rings, listening to answering machine messages, or talking to voice mail.

  • Web Interface for Volunteers

    Volunteers with access to a web browser can utilize HubDialer’s rich web-based interface. The interface provides information about the call recipient, displays a personalized version of the call scripts including the recipient’s name, allows your volunteers to log responses, and gives them access to additional HubDialer features.

  • Automated Response Logging

    Volunteers can use the web-based interface on their computers or their touchstone phones to log responses from your call recipients. Response data is available to you immediately through your campaign dashboard.

  • Smart Voice Mail Management

    HubDialer instantly detects answering machines and gives you the option to leave a prerecorded voice message, hang up and try again later, or let your volunteers personally leave a message. Your volunteers only spend time on voice mail when you want them to. HubDialer takes care of the rest.

  • Phone-Only Calling

    Volunteers can log into your HubDialer campaign and begin calling using just their touchstone phone. After they complete a conversation, HubDialer enables them to use touchstone key presses to log responses and to access other HubDialer features.

  • Free Form Annotation

    In addition to quantitative reporting, volunteers can enter qualitative comments for review by supervisors. These can be used for gaining additional insight about volunteer interactions with call recipients, or for gleaning suggestions on how to prove overall campaign performance.

For Successful Calling

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  • Built for Campaigns

    HubDialer was built by campaign professionals specifically for campaigns and volunteers. That’s why every one of HubDialer’s features helps you achieve your unique goals and overcome some of the most difficult challenges faced by campaigns.

  • Advanced List Management Capabilities

    Use built-in features to add and rename list columns, remove duplicate records, and scrub your list against the National Do Not Call directory, likely cell phone numbers, and other lists & campaigns you own.

  • Multi-lingual Support

    Segment your campaign’s targeted call recipients by language spoken, and match them up with volunteer callers (and scripts) who speak their language too.

  • Insightful, Easy-to-Read Reports

    When it’s time to report results HubDialer offers formatted summary and detail data reporting including numeric and visual representation of your campaign’s results. You can share reports with your colleagues and use them as a goal setting tool for making your next phone campaign even more successful.

  • Skype, Google Voice, and Voice Over IP (VoIP) Calling

    Take advantage of HubDialer no matter what kind of telephone infrastructure you and your volunteers use.

  • Improve Your Lists

    The better your lists, the greater your success. During your calling program, HubDialer can automatically remove bad and disconnected phone numbers from your lists. Your volunteers can also log disposition codes for changed numbers and recipients who want to be removed. The result is improved lists with every HubDialer campaign you run.

  • Targeting

    Break your campaign’s targeted call recipients into groups (by demographics, region, or any other segmentation) and enhance your volunteers’ calls with customized scripts tailored to each group. You can also vary the dates and timing of calls to improve your reach rates for a given segment.

  • Time Zone Awareness

    Ensure your targeted recipients only get calls from you at appropriate times of the day. HubDialer knows what time zones you’re calling into and helps keep your calls in-bounds.

  • Data Import and Export

    HubDialer lets you import data downloaded from third-party providers or from your own systems. After you’ve completed your campaign, you can easily export your enriched data and upload it back to your data provider, use it in Excel, or integrate it into other applications.

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