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What is HubDialer?

HubDialer is an auto predictive dialer platform based entirely in the cloud that gets your volunteers talking on the phone with the people you need to reach – instantly.

HubDialer is built specifically for democratic and progressive membership organizations, political campaigns, coalitions, and not-for-profits who rely on an ever-changing network of supporters and volunteers to help achieve their goals.

Who is Hubdialer for?

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  • Voter ID & persuasion
  • Volunteer recruitment
  • Crowd building
  • Voter registration
  • Get-out-the-vote (GOTV)
  • Fundraising
  • Patch-throughs
  • Member notification
  • Direct mail follow-up

Why should I use Hubdialer?

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Your predictive dialer in the cloud

HubDialer’s web-based campaign manager gives you full control of your calling program – including lists, scripts, campaign progress, and results reporting.

  • No software or infrastructure to install
  • Smart voice mail handling
  • Micro-targeting of scripts
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Optional web interface for volunteers
  • Get started in minutes


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Call cell phones on the predictive dialer

Yes, that’s right!! You can use the HubDialer predictive dialer to call cell phones! Following a recent Supreme Court ruling, HubDialer predictive dialer can auto dial both landline and cell phones.

HubDialer Predictive offers the capacity to call phone numbers more quickly and efficiently than HubDialer Preview’s one-to-one calling. You can use HubDialer Predictive and its higher ratios of dials-to-numbers to reduce wait times for call agents and reach more people with greater speed and at a lower cost per contact.

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About us?

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Hubdialer's Humble Beginnings

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HubDialer was founded in 2010 by political industry insiders that saw the need for a reliable and easy to use predictive dialing solution. One that political campaigns and organizations could use to reach a large number of people, quickly and efficiently, without sacrificing one on one conversations.

With that in mind, HubDialer was specifically designed to maximize outreach efforts by organizations working to fundraise, enlist volunteers, and drive political action. And with intimate knowledge of what campaign directors and fundraisers need, HubDialer’s founders were sure to include key features such as:


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Sital Sigh

Marketing Director

Nick Caplan


Jono Kupferberg


Kristijan Gašljević

Project Manager

Gagan Rana


Chukka Manohar


Dario Uršulin


Adis Hadžić


Luka Majstorović


Cyrus Shick


Carlo Makarechi


Shaun Kelleher


Carson Pfingston


We’re Proud to Partner With

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From presidential candidates to local school board elections, and from national multi-state advocacy campaigns to advocating for a city ballot initiative, HubDialer partners with democratic and progressive organizations.

  • Campaigns and candidates
  • Consulting partnerships
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Grassroots advocacy groups and
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Hubdialer Partners

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“HubDialer is by far the best predictive dialer software we have ever used…. and our consulting firm has used them all! It’s extremely easy to create accounts, sub accounts for clients and campaigns. The reporting feature lets you and your clients know exactly what is going on. Plus, you have the ability to listen to your callers to make sure they are staying on message.

The training you offer makes it easy to scale with new callers and get them set up for success. If you have volunteers who aren’t tech savvy or have never used a predictive dialer before, they can begin making calls immediately! Even seasoned professional callers can be trained and made significantly more productive.

I can’t say enough about how great the software is. And, the support staff is superb.

We use HubDialer on every one of our campaigns.”
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David (DJ) Luciano
Invictus Consultants, LLP

“Just wanted to say how great it was using HubDialer. The training videos on how to use it were so easy to follow and made signing on and making calls a breeze. I am 66 years old, far from computer savvy, but HubDialer made the process feel easy. Thanks again.”
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Helen C

“As a two-time Coordinated Campaign Director who has worked on & run field programs for over a decade, I know that tools come and go from cycle-to-cycle - but Hubdialer has sticking power for a reason. I’ve used more phone tools than I can count on one hand over the years and Hubdialer has always been by far the best, because it’s consistent, reliable, and efficient.

  • Turnaround Time: Their team is incredibly responsive, and their turnaround time is fantastic. The time between signing your contract and actually having volunteers calling is usually a matter of hours, not days or weeks - which is unheard of.
  • Easy & Intuitive: The tool itself is easy to use & incredibly straightforward. Even if you have a team without much bandwidth or experience with tech tools, setup isn’t rocket science, and it’s easy to tell what’s going on once your campaigns are running.
  • No Longer Just for Landlines: And now that cell numbers can be included in predictive phone lists, the only limitation Hubdialer ever had - sticking exclusively to landlines - is out the window.

If you need a dialer tool but you’re not interested in dealing with headaches, crazy learning curves, or slow response times, Hubdialer is your solution.“
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Cyrus Shick


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Why use a predictive dialer for your strategy?

HubDialer’s predictive dialer calls landlines and cell phones in the background while your callers talk to folks, allowing your callers to have meaningful conversations at the productive rate of cutting-edge call centers. The predictive auto dialer uses an algorithm that gets better the more calls you make and the more callers you have. HubDialer’s predictive dialer triple the productivity of volunteers over hand dialing, meaning you can focus on conversations and see results in real time, while saving time and money.

HubDialer’s virtual predictive dialer disconnects from bad numbers and looks for only live people for your callers to speak with. It predicts how many dials it will need to make to find you a live answer based on the quality of the list, length of time folks are spending on the phone per conversation, and number of callers.

Take HubDialer for a test drive with 500 free minutes! Get your account up and running in minutes with no set up fee or credit card required.

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