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HubDialer is for Consultants

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“The best predictive dialer software we’ve ever used

...and our consulting firm has used them all! It’s extremely easy to create accounts and sub accounts for clients and campaigns.

If you have volunteers who aren’t tech savvy or have never used a predictive dialer before, they can begin making calls immediately!

We use HubDialer on every one of our campaigns.”

David (DJ) Luciano

Invictus Consultants, LLP

What can HubDialer do for you?

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HubDialer is the smart choice.

HubDialer’s per minute pricing is the simplest and most cost effective model. Whether your agents talk to 1 person or 10 each minute; it’s all the same minute.

With predictive dialers averaging 4-5 calls per minute, cost effective per dial pricing equals 1.6 - 2.2x the cost of HubDialer.

Take HubDialer for a test drive with 500 free minutes! Get your account up and running in minutes with no set up fee or credit card required.

Automate the dials; personalize the conversations


HubDialer’s virtual predictive auto dialer allows you to call landlines and cell phones, all while building individual client dashboards and settings customized to each client’s needs.

A partnership with HubDialer is structured so that consulting firms are charged our lowest rate of $0.08/minute - and are then free to pass through the costs to their clientele, or charge a premium. We leave that entirely up to you.

Just a few of our clients

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