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Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions about HubDialer? We’re here to help.

Do you work with both political parties?
HubDialer proudly works exclusively with nonpartisan, progressive and Democratic candidates, organizations, causes and nonprofits.

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Chat with our friendly team.

Administrative Questions

I forgot my username or password, or I’ve been locked out of my HubDialer account.

For security reasons, HubDialer Support cannot reset supervisor accounts. The administrator and/or other supervisors from within the organization will need to reset your password.

If you are a supervisor needing to reset someone’s password, go to “manage account,” then click the gear shift next to the supervisor’s record and select “edit supervisor.” On this page, you may enter a new, temporary password.

If you are the sole admin/supervisor on your account. Please email support support@hubdialer.com and identify yourself as the only supervisor associated with your account.

I can't find my gear shift to get to my campaigns.

Mouse over the sides where the column is and double click - this will expand the column and make the gear shift visible. If this doesn’t work, you may need to refresh your page or use a different browser.

Do I need to download any software or plugins for HubDialer to work?

No. HubDialer is HTML 5 compatible and does not require Adobe Flash Player or any other downloads or plugins. You just need an up-to-date browser to use HubDialer. And it’s easy to use on tablets and smartphones, too!

I’ve purchased calling minutes but am not seeing them in my calling client account. Why aren’t they showing?

Once minutes are purchased, simply distribute the minutes to your calling client.

  • On the home page, click “manage your account” near the top right corner
  • Click “Distribute minutes” and then distribute the number of minutes needed into the calling client
How do I add a supervisor?

Supervisors on an account can purchase minutes, create scripts, and monitor campaigns. To add a supervisor to your account:

  • After logging in to your HubDialer account, click "manage your account" link, located in the top right corner of the home page
  • Assign supervisors with select privileges as needed
When I try to add a supervisor, it says the “email is already being used.”

An email address can only be assigned to one HubDialer account. To request the email address be assigned as a supervisor to your account:

  • Select “Create supervisor”
  • When the red box at the top appears noting that the email address is already being used or is a duplicate, press the button at the bottom of the page that says “email ops to request update”

This selection will trigger an email to HubDialer Support, and we will switch the email address over to this account.

How do I create a script, add variables, insert agent instructions, or customize dispositions?

Watch this helpful tutorial on script creation: HubDialer Script Creation

The name of the person we are calling isn't showing up in the script.

HubDialer’s script creation platform allows for customizable variables. To have variables like first name and last name appear in the script, you’ll need to select “add variable” and choose the variables you’d like inserted into the text box during script creation.

I keep getting a red box saying "error" when I create a script.

If variables are inserted in the phone-only script of a blended campaign, this alert will appear. A blended campaign allows callers to login from BOTH computers and phones. Callers who only have a phone utilize a paper script - these paper or printed scripts cannot use variables. Callers on the web calls can include variables.
To clear the error:

  • In the top left hand corner of the page, check to see if it says “phone script.”
  • Edit the script section that displays the red box alert
  • Delete all variables in each section
  • Save the script
Can I edit a script once a campaign has been launched?

Yes, of course! We know how important it is for organizations and campaigns to adjust quickly. You can edit a script once a campaign has been launched.

It is recommended that you do not add or remove questions once the calls have started, however, as it complicates reporting. You can not add patch elements to a campaign that has already been launched.

To edit a script:

  • Go to the monitoring HQ
  • Under "campaign information," see “script” and click “edit”
  • Edit the script and save. If you have a blended campaign, edit both the web and phone only scripts.
Can I create questions with check boxes, open-ended responses, and multiple choice options?

Web only campaigns, where all callers have a screen and a phone, can have the option for responses other than multiple choice, like open-ended responses and check boxes.

How does the predictive dialer work?

HubDialer Predictive is a true predictive model. The dialer automatically adjusts to slow down or speed up based on the number of callers logged in, answer rate, and call duration. The dialer is optimized to your specific calling campaign so your callers spend less time waiting and more time having conversations.

Can I have more than one calling campaign running at once?

Yes! You can have as many calling campaigns running at one time as you’d like.

How do I get to Monitoring HQ?
  • Once you’ve created a calling client, you’ll see a gear shift to the right.
  • Click on the gear shift and select “monitor.” This will take you to the page where you will either create new calling campaigns and/or you will see a list of all of your current calling campaigns.
  • Choose the calling campaign you'd like to monitor, click on the gear shift and again choose "monitor.” This will take you to the monitoring page where you will be able to monitor calls in real-time and make changes to an already running call.
What are "Campaign Groups" and how do I use this feature?

Campaign groups allow you to group calling campaigns together and have callers log in using a single group campaign ID and password.
To create a campaign group:

  • Choose “monitor campaign” for the calling client
  • Select "create a campaign group"
  • Create a password for the campaign group. Have callers use the campaign GROUP ID and password to log in

To move campaigns into campaign groups:

  • Build and launch individual campaign as you normally would
  • Use the gear shift to change campaign status to "stopped"
  • Use the gear shift to "move to campaign group"
  • Use gear shift to "start" campaign
Can I edit dispositions of active campaigns?

Dispositions can not be changed once a call has been launched, but script questions can be added and edited after a call has been launched.

How do I edit the number of passes and time gaps between passes
  • Go to your monitoring HQ
  • Under “campaign information,” in the second column for “# of Passes,” click “add/edit”
  • Change the number of passes or the length of time between each pass and click “OK”
Why is HubDialer disconnecting all of my callers, or not allowing my callers to log in?

Typically the causes for this are:

  • attempting to run calls outside of the established time windows or prior to 9am; no “eligible dials” remaining
    • Check the date and time and be sure that it is within the calling window that you established
    • HubDialer will not let a campaign start making calls prior to 9am local time (i.e. the time zone where call recipients live)
  • look at the Monitoring HQ to see if you have any eligible dials for this campaign (see “How to get to Monitoring HQ”)
    • look at top left of the page and see two tabs
    • click on "Dials" tab
    • if there are no "eligible dials" that means not enough time has passed since these numbers were last dialed
    • once enough time has passed you will see eligible dials begin to show on the graph and callers can log back in
    • PLEASE NOTE: you set the time gap between dials (“passes”) when you set up the call -- if you wish to change the time gap between dials please see "how do I edit # of passes and time between passes"
Can I add a voicemail recording once the call has been launched?

No. Once a call has launched, voicemail settings cannot be changed. This is so campaigns remain compliant with federal regulations.

If I’m importing a recording for voicemails, what format does the voicemail recording need to be?*

The recording file can be up to 30 seconds long and must be a .wav file.

  • Bit resolution: 16 bit
  • Sampling rate: 8000Hz
  • Audio channels: Mono

*Please note: Federal regulation does not allow pre-recorded voicemails to be sent to cell phones. For your convenience, campaigns that have not scrubbed cell phones from the list will not have the option to add a pre-recorded voicemail

I want to create a pre-recorded voicemail recording to be delivered directly through HubDialer.

When selecting whether to deliver voicemails, HubDialer offers the option to record a message using your computer’s microphone.*

*Please note: Federal regulation does not allow pre-recorded voicemails to be sent to cell phones. For your convenience, campaigns that have not scrubbed cell phones from the list will not have the option to add a pre-recorded voicemail

I’d like to leave a pre-recorded voicemail, and I’ve scrubbed out cell phones. How much does it cost?

Recorded messages cost an additional ½ minute per recorded message left on a voicemail.

My list has multiple people in the same household. How can I make sure I am reaching them all most efficiently?

Use HubDialer’s householding feature, which allows you to contact multiple recipients in a single household. You may use this feature on web-only campaigns.

To select the household feature:

  • Click “Use households”
  • Identify which fields to use for each recipient’s name
  • Choose how to uniquely identify each recipient (i.e. VAN ID or Voter ID)

Note: Householding settings cannot be changed after the calling campaign is launched

I have a calling campaign that is already running. How can I add phone numbers to the campaign?
  • In the monitoring HQ, under “campaign information,” you’ll see the second column “universe.” Click “Add data”
  • When prompted, choose a file with the records you’d like to upload to your campaign
  • Load the profile and match the columns with the column headers of the original list already loaded.

Note: Householding settings cannot be changed after the calling campaign is launched

I added numbers to an already running campaign. How can I tell that they are loaded?

In the “dial tab” on the reporting page, you’ll see an increase in the number of eligible dials. The universe size on the monitoring page does not change.

How do I remove numbers that we don’t want to call from the list once a campaign is running?
  • In the monitoring HQ, under “campaign information,” you’ll see the second column “universe.” Click “Strike list”
  • When prompted, choose a file with the records you would like removed from your calling campaign
  • Choose the one column you'd like to use to strike against (i.e. phone number, VAN ID).

Note: These numbers, if not already contacted for this specific calling campaign, will be struck from this campaign and cannot be added back in unless you build a new campaign

For all reports, what time zone is always listed?

Reporting is always listed in Eastern Time Zone.

I’d like to monitor calls. Is it listen-only or can I interject like a three-way call?

HubDialer’s call monitoring operates like a three-way call. The supervisor can interject, hang up the caller, or move them to another campaign after the current call is completed.

I added numbers to an already running campaign. How can I tell that they are loaded?

Once a calling campaign has been archived, you will be able to pull reports but will not be able to run that call again. Most supervisor accounts have the ability to archive campaigns but some do not.

To get permission to archive campaigns, email support@hubdialer.com and include your organization’s name, and your email used to log in to HubDialer. Please also note any other supervisor you want to have this permission. HubDialer Support will send you confirmation when you have permission to archive.

To archive campaigns, ensure the calling campaign is in “stop” or “finished” mode, then click the gear shift next to the campaign. Select “Archive.”

What is Peer-to-Peer texting?

Peer-to-peer (P2P) texting is a communication method that involves direct, one-on-one text messaging between individuals to create a more personalized and engaging experience.

This form of communication for political campaigns, nonprofits, advocacy organizations, and event organizers allows them to reach out to their target audience through SMS, fostering deeper connections and promoting more robust engagement.

Check out our Beginner's guide to peer-to-peer texting to learn more

What is Broadcast texting?

Broadcast texting, also known as mass texting or bulk SMS, is a communication method that allows businesses, organizations, and individuals to send a single text message to a large group of people simultaneously.

This powerful tool is widely used for various purposes, such as marketing campaigns, emergency alerts, event notifications, etc.

Learn all about Broadcast texting best practices here

How does the 10DLC registration works?

10DLC registration is required of all texting campaigns on HubDialer. 10DLC refers to the 10-Digit Long Code of traditional US phone numbers. And registering a 10DLC number is our way of ensuring that your campaigns are compliant with all texting regulations.

The registration process is quick and easy and can be done without every leaving your HubDialer account. Once your number is registered, you can use it to send SMS messages to your customers or clients. The registration helps ensure that your messages are delivered more reliably and are less likely to be marked as spam by carriers or mobile devices.

Overall, 10DLC registration is a way for organizations/campaigns to improve reliability and trustworthiness in communication with customers.

I’m a volunteer/calling agent making phone calls

The script isn’t showing up on my screen.

Most of the time when this happens it’s an issue with slow internet on the caller’s side. Check your internet connectivity, and if possible restart the modem. Slow internet connections mean you continue to get dials but the internet is having a hard time keeping up.

If issues persist, contact HubDialer Support support@hubdialer.com.

I’m calling internationally. Will I be charged international fees for using HubDialer outside of USA?

Callers dialing in internationally will be charged at their phone company’s rate. However, callers can dial in using a VOIP (i.e. Google Voice, Skype) at no additional charge.

I’m making calls and it sounds like the volume is down or that I can’t hear.

This is often an issue with local phone carriers or internet connectivity. Try logging out of HubDialer and logging back in, or refreshing your browser and clearing the cache.

Do I need to download any software or plugins for HubDialer to work?

No. HubDialer is HTML 5 compatible and does not require Adobe Flash Player or any other downloads or plugins. You just need an up-to-date browser to use HubDialer. And it’s easy to use on tablets and smartphones, too!

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