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April 13, 2023


What’s new with HubDialer? Introducing new product features.

Jono Kupferberg

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We are excited to bring new product features to HubDialer. As one of the most reliable and powerful predictive dialer solutions on the market, we always look forward to expanding our platform with new and valuable features.

Regardless of your industry, we hope the new features will help you become more efficient and productive with your calling campaigns.

HubDialer’s new features and product improvements now include the following:

  • Integration with NGP VAN
  • Dynamic scripts
  • Extra minutes for referring HubDialer
  • Special price per minute for previous customers

Let’s have a quick look at each of those things.

Integration with NGP VAN is live

HubDialer accounts can now pull data from NGP VAN. To give you more background, NGP VAN is an integrated platform provider to democratic and other political campaigns and organizations.

Learn how with this easy step-by-step guide: NGP VAN Integration Flow.

Dynamic Scripts are here!

Dynamic Scripts lets you create multiple script versions depending on how the target answers specific questions.

You start the script like any other, with the same initial elements and questions, and then create “branches”, or paths, that stem from each response. You can then build out as many or as few branches as needed.

Learn about what they are and how to use them here: Dynamic Scripts Instructions.

The new “Minute Match Referral Program” is open to all customers!

If you’re a current HubDialer customer and know of other campaigns/organizations needing a predictive dialer, you can share the love and get rewarded for it too!

Simply send them this Free Trial Sign Up Form, which awards them 500 free calling minutes right when they sign up, AND when they list your campaign/organization as the referring party on the form, we’ll add 500 free minutes to your account as well!

People helping people, it’s powerful stuff.

The new “Cycle Continuity Rewards Program” applies to all returning customers!

With election cycles being what they are, it’s hard to carry success and momentum from one cycle to the next, but we hope to change that.

If you’re an “old” customer signing up with a “new” campaign/organization this goes around, list the name of your previous HubDialer account as the referring party in this Free Trial Sign-Up Form. And after we verify that account, we will grandfather in your new account at our lowest rate of $0.08/min.

There’s no need to start you at $0.13/min and work your way down. You’ve already done that, and your hard work on previous HubDialer campaigns should transfer over!

What is next?

We will continue bringing new features and helping organizations with their call campaigns. If you want to learn more about the new features or have any questions, we would love to get in touch with you. Fill out HubDialer’s contact form, and we will reply shortly. 

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