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May 29, 2024


Reduce SMS Opt-Outs with an Effective Opt-In Calling Campaign

Jono Kupferberg

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That’s the goal, anyway! Imagine having a highly engaged audience that eagerly awaits your messages, leading to higher conversion rates and stronger loyalty. The secret lies in starting with a well-executed opt-in calling campaign. By obtaining explicit consent through personalized phone calls, you can significantly reduce opt-outs in your subsequent texting campaign. Here’s why this approach is beneficial and how you can implement it effectively.

Why Use an Opt-In Calling Campaign?

1. Build Trust and Transparency

Starting with a phone call allows you to establish a personal connection with your audience. This direct interaction builds trust and ensures that subscribers fully understand what they are signing up for. When voters feel informed and valued, they are less likely to opt out later.

2. Set Clear Expectations

During the call, you can clearly explain the benefits of subscribing to your SMS campaign, the type and frequency of messages they will receive, and how they can opt out if they choose to. Setting these expectations upfront helps prevent misunderstandings and reduces the likelihood of opt-outs due to mismatched expectations.

3. Personalize the Experience

A phone call provides an opportunity to personalize the interaction. You can address any questions or concerns the voter might have, making them feel more comfortable and valued. Personalized interactions lead to higher engagement and lower opt-out rates.

4. Create a Strong Foundation for Your SMS Campaign

By starting with a calling campaign, you create a strong foundation for your SMS outreach efforts. Voters who have given explicit consent are more likely to engage with your messages, leading to better campaign performance and higher ROI.

How to Implement an Opt-In Calling Campaign

1. Start a predictive dialer campaign in your HubDialer account

Upload your contact list like you would normally and schedule the calling campaign at least a few days ahead of the subsequent texting campaign.

Getting Started Demo Video

2. Prepare Your Calling Script

Develop a script that clearly explains the purpose of the call and the benefits of opting into the SMS campaign. Ensure the script includes:

– A clear explanation of what the SMS campaign entails.

– The benefits of subscribing.

– A request for explicit consent to receive text messages.

– Information on how to opt out at any time.

Script Creation Demo Video

3. Train Your Volunteers

Ensure that your volunteers are well-trained to handle the opt-in process. They should be able to:

– Clearly communicate the benefits and details of the SMS campaign.

– Answer any questions the potential subscribers might have.

– Record the consent accurately and securely.

4. Collect and Document Consent

During the call, ask for verbal consent to send text messages. Record the consent for compliance purposes and send a follow-up confirmation text to ensure double opt-in, adding an extra layer of compliance and clarity.

5. Follow Up with a Confirmation Text

Send a confirmation text to the new subscribers to confirm their opt-in status. This text should include:

– A thank you message for subscribing.

– Information on what to expect (e.g., message frequency, types of messages).

– Instructions on how to opt out if they change their mind.

6. Run a report after concluding the calls and generate a contact list for the SMS campaign

Ensure that the consents are represented as a survey question or disposition to show in the HubDialer reports. This helps in managing the contact list and segmenting it for follow up targeted SMS campaigns.

7. Launch Your SMS Campaign

Once you have built your opt-in list, you can start your SMS campaign. Make sure to:

– Personalize messages based on the data collected.

– Keep messages relevant and valuable to maintain engagement.

– Monitor the campaign’s performance and adjust as needed.

SMS Campaign Setup Video

$0.065/minute for opt-in calling campaigns

By following these steps, you can effectively use a calling campaign to create a compliant and engaged opt-in list for your subsequent texting campaign, ensuring higher engagement and lower opt-out rates.

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