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January 26, 2023


HubDialer vs. NGP VAN’s OpenVPB and VPB Connect

Jono Kupferberg

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Are you one of the many VAN customers looking for an alternative predictive dialer platform? Or maybe you just heard that VAN will be discontinuing this feature and you’re in need of a replacement. Whatever the case may be, HubDialer is, and has been, the preeminent predictive dialer of choice by Democratic and progressive orgs for nearly a decade.

Why do campaigns, committees, nonprofits, advocacy groups and unions all choose HubDialer time and time again?

Is it:

A) HubDialer’s well established reliability and flexibility.

B) Because HubDialer is so easy to use.

C) HubDialer is consistently more cost effective with a unique price-per-minute cost structure.

or D) all of the above!

The answer is D, of course. HubDialer is all this and more!

But we understand that you’re hesitant to try a new software. Whether you’ve been forced to find a replacement for VAN, or you’re just browsing to see what’s out there, change is still scary.

And that’s why we invite you to try out HubDialer risk free with 500 complimentary minutes, as our gift to you. Consider it a welcome present. Signing up is free, and there’s no subscription plan or credit card required – just 500 free minutes for you to use to take HubDialer for a test drive. Sign up for your Free Trial today! … and thank us later.

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HubDialer has all the features you need for virtual predictive dialer campaigns ranging from simple to sophisticated.

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