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January 13, 2023


Digital Politics podcast with Karen Jagoda

Jono Kupferberg

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Check out this episode of the Digital Politics podcast featuring HubDialer’s CEO, Jono Kupferberg. The episode is titled: Empowering Campaign Volunteers to Build Relationships and Karen and Jono discuss:

  • Taking this legacy brand into a new direction combining the old and new
  • How physical phone banks have been replaced by virtual phone banking to let more volunteers participate in their selected allotted window of time
  • Recruiting, organizing, and deploying volunteers
  • The lasting impact of lessons learned about volunteers during the pandemic
  • Recent new rules allowing predictive dialers to call mobile numbers
  • Creative ways advocacy groups are using predictive dialers
  • Impact of live conversations on whether a voter takes an action

You can also find the episode on the Digital Politics website here.


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