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January 6, 2023


The Season Pass

Jono Kupferberg

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“Thru the use of HubDialer we achieved Vermont’s largest single-party majority in the legislature since 1966, and the largest in Democratic Party history.

The season pass allowed us to consistently get productivity from our volunteers and staff. We used it in both DVC and in volunteer recruitment.

Using HubDialer we were able to get the campaigns a tool they would never have been able to afford, and in exchange, they brought us agents. […] The Vermont Coordinated Campaign created programs using HubDialer that allowed the party and all our table partners to better share the resources at our disposal.

The biggest advantage was simply the freedom of knowing we did not have another strategic choice to make. HubDialer was a tool that we could choose to use when we needed it, which allowed us to build the program we knew would work, not simply the one we could afford.

We jumped at the opportunity [to use the Season Pass] and to say it was a success is an understatement!”

Elliot Kauffman
2022 Coordinated Campaign Director
Vermont Democratic Party

The Season Pass…
What is it?

The unlimited, all-you-can-eat, contract for Democratic committees and campaigns.

For a one-time upfront fee, you get unlimited access to HubDialer’s predictive dialer software for the entire election cycle. That’s unlimited minutes, supervisor accounts and agent slots starting from the day you sign up all the way through election day!

Why use it?

An unlimited Season Pass provides reliability in knowing you have a dialer at your disposal whenever you need it; along with the flexibility to support field activities in new and collaborative ways.

Who can use it?

Campaigns and committees large and small purchased a Season Pass in 2022:

  • Vermont Democratic Party
  • Connecticut Democratic Party
  • Kansas Democratic Party
  • DSCC
  • DCCC

How does it work?

We work with your organization to come up with a custom quote for your Season Pass based on things like calling universe size, time left in the cycle, volunteer capacity, etc. Email contact@hubdialer.com today to get started!

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