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September 24, 2022


How to leverage your campaign’s greatest asset: volunteer enthusiasm

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A few newsletters past, we established that a calling campaign is effective and valuable to the extent that the universe is properly segmented and to the extent that compassionate volunteers are harnessed.

  • Write a background & FAQ document: Beyond a call script, share a frequently asked question document that offers answers to common questions agents may face, like “what time do polls open/close” or “where can I learn more about this candidate/issue?” A good document includes background information on what the calling campaign is targeting, like “we are calling super voters who have not turned in their mail-in ballots yet” or “these people have previously told us they are undecided, so we are persuading them on X issue.”
  • Train before calls begin: Host virtual training sessions so that callers can become familiar with the script, the calling process, and the platform.
  • Monitor calls in real-time: Nothing says “Oops I wrote a novel instead of a call script” like listening to calls happening in real-time. Always monitor calls as a gut check on volunteer enthusiasm, tone, knowledgeability, and script issues.
  • Debrief after calls: Think of your calling agents as your employees. You are charged with incentivizing your agents to be motivated to continue volunteering with your organization and to stay satisfied. A quick survey is sufficient. 
  • Analyze agent reports: In addition to the qualitative data you get from feedback and call monitoring, analyze agent reports.
  • Keep it social: Volunteers should feel a part of the community of advocacy. Back in the day (for some of us), volunteer calling meant sitting at a large conference table with landlines and churning out calls with a printed call script. Now, we have the advantage of having callers from anywhere. Just like remote work, a good calling supervisor is like a manager; create a community-based environment for your callers, regardless of location, to spur enthusiasm, engagement, and compassion. Trust us. It’s worth it. #HubDialerHoldMusic

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